Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The New Blog- The Belle Époque!

This will be the last time I post on All Things Art! 

I have transfered all of this blog's information, posts, pictures, and more onto a "new" blog. New being in quotations because although it is a newly created blog, it still withholds the same purpose as well as the posts. Why make a new blog? With the new Google account I made to benefit reasons of my email, I had to transfer this blog onto a new website page, thus a new URL and ultimately, a new name- The Belle Époque Blog. If you have visited this blog and want to see more new posts please follow the link. I am keeping All Things Art as a website but it will not be updated. Visit The Belle Époque Blog at thebelleepoque-blog.blogspot.com or follow the link above. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dresses + Kate Nash

The setup before the show

Friday night my sister and I headed down to The Venue with the tickets that she bought for the both of us. For Kate Nash. We were psyched. Opening for Kate Nash was a band called Dresses; a girl and three guy group. I was so pleasantly surprised regarding their beat and original sound, so much so that I bought their CD on the spot. In particular, the lead singer (the girl) had such a stunning voice; unique and seriously breathtaking. So green of a band with so little publicity, they have only a handful of songs, most of them on YouTube (look up Dresses the Band). Furthermore, they do have one single, Blew My Mind on iTunes which also happens to be my favorite song by them (also make sure to see the live version of Blew my Mind on YouTube). I highly recommend that you check them out!

Dresses singing the song The Duet Song

Drum and guitar jam
See Kate Nash on the next page...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Black and White

I don't take black and white pictures often; I love color too much. But, over the last while or so I've been collecting the B&W pictures I've taken and saved them up. These are pictures that just get justice in monochrome:

Marina and The Diamonds

Yesterday was crazy. But amazing.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Canvas to Cloth SLCC Fashion Show

Dressed in navy blue polka-dot trousers, a tangerine chiffon blouse, and a deep blue tweed blazer, just yesterday night, I was sitting in the audience of the SLCC Canvas to Cloth Fashion Show. With bright coral lipstick and a messy topknot on my head I felt confidant, ready to tackle the night. The XX's Crystalized came on the speakers and the runway walk began. I was sitting in the third row (to my displeasure), but I found that if I leaned back I could manage to take some decent pictures with my little, amateur, digital camera. Although I looked slightly ridiculous close to the professional photographers, I was still determined to get some shots of the designs. The runway show ended up being a little over an hour, actually starting at about 7:20 pm. and ending at about 8:30 pm, although I ultimately stayed for an hour or so later to explore and capture pictures of the venue. Now, the theme of the show was "tribal inspired", and when I originally found out that the show was located at the Natural History Museum of Utah, I could only think, 'who in the hell made that decision?' expecting something horrifically drab and prosaic. Nevertheless, after arriving, I can only say that I was hopelessly impressed. The architecture of this newly renovated building added a modern twist on the concept, of the show yet tied the aspects of tribal culture together with the Native American relics. Complementing beautifully to the architecture, were the outstanding designs. Lines from ten different designers set sail through the museum, down the runway. Although I would show all the photos I took, there is only a limited amount of space so I choose a select number of pictures of the designs to display here:

Friday, April 12, 2013

Food: Spring Cleaning!

Photo courtesy of: Vogue UK
Photo courtesy of: RiflePaperCo
Photo courtesy of: NoPerfectDay on Tumblr

Photo courtesy of: Bon Appétit

Photo courtesy of: Our Seasonal Table

Spring has officially sprung which always means (at least to me) new everything. New wardrobe, new habits, new eating. By "Spring Cleaning" I mean cleansing; should have put that, but I think "Spring Cleaning" is more catchy. Spring dietary cleansing means shoving aside all the winter comfort foods and the very poor variety of fruits and veggies that the cold had to offer. Now that it's about that time when the local farmer's market would be opening, try to collect most of your items like fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meats, etc. there, but if thats just not working for you, here's a grocery list of in-season produce that you should consider adding to your pallet this month:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beauty: Dewy Fresh

The Vogue way:

The "I can't afford Nars and Tom Ford makeup" way (aka my way):

Burt's Bees Peony Lip Shimmer: $5.00
Maybelline's Expert Wear Eye Shadow Chic Naturals in Champagne Fizz: $3.00

Use as a duo in replacement for the lipstick and highlighter shown in the video above. I chose Burt's Bees lip shimmer instead of an average lipstick because it is light, glossy, and all natural; when trying actual lipstick I found that it was hard to gage how much to put on and that it was harder to apply. You can buy both Burt's Bees Peony Lip Shimmer and Maybelline's Expert Wear Eye Shadow Chic Naturals in Champagne Fizz in your local drugstore. 

Note: I have a very fair complexion so the shade Peony works for me, if you have a darker complexion, consider looking at the Burt's Bees website to decide which of their twenty-four shades would work best for your skin.

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Blog Love

I thought it was about time to recognize and highlight some fantastic blogs that I've found and am following. Inspirations come from the posts and have joined ideas for my own blog. With that, here is a list of unprecedented- creative blogs that I've loved and influenced me.

Natalie off Duty:

After discovering this blog (I can't even remember how), I was completely overtaken by the simplicity of the idea but the beautiful execution. The blogger, Natalie Suez, records her chic photographed outfits and where she wore them. The pictures give you an incite to what she's doing, and has been doing, while looking stylish. If the title doesn't already hint it, Natalie is a model, taking photos of herself when off duty to job. Overall, the playing parts of the innovative outfits, modeling, and quality as well as completely original  content, adds up to an ultimately powerful blog.

 dustjacket attic:

I haven't completely wrapped my head around the entire concept of dustjacket attic except for the photography. Beautiful pictures, beautiful arrangements. The collections of photographs range from anything from architecture to interiors, fashion to color schemes- any visually appealing entity's the limit. I love the idea of color patterns, especially monochrome photo shoots, and this blog does plenty; I visit frequently for inspiration and ideas.

Alice Point:

A blog about fashion and pure personal style, the blogger, Alice, displays photos of her street-style original outfits. With an sharp edge feel to all that she wears, Alice Point acts as a sort of guiding light to my own style and blog. She's gotten loads of recognition for her amazing blog and even attended Fashion Week! Check out her blog and I'm sure you'll be as swung by it as I was.


This is a fantastic blog incorporating food, design, fashion, art, and illustration. Posts range from recipes to paintings and always introduces something new. The author, Maia McDonald, creates various collages of all that inspire her whether it be color or clothes. This is a great blog to visit any day. 


When I first visited this blog, I was a little turned off by the name; "StyleLikeU" sounded especially ordinary, nothing special- a little too mainstream. In fact, this blog is the direct opposite. It shows individuals with a directional sense of style and a great deal of daring. StyleLikeU also adds music and occasions into their blog feed. Completely independent interviews and event coverings make for a completely unique blog with loads of personality.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Style Icon: Miroslava Duma


A highlight from all the weeks of the antecedent Fashion Week and spotlighted for her upmost urban style, Miroslava Duma has been more recently taken in by the U.S. as our (and my) newest fashion muse. The Russian beauty and former editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, has been photographed for her innovative looks by regular street-goers to Vogue magazine. She incorporates trendy aspects to a whole nether level, going all out with traits of modern trends while adding much of her own personality. Currently a freelance writer for many publications as well as her own blog, Büro 24/7, Miroslava has internationally influenced the world of fashion. Her style so avant-garde: chic and new, embodying all the best features in fashion.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music Muse: Wild Belle

The first impression I had on the music video was that I loved the song but wasn't completely sure about the little boy and all the seemingly metaphorical aspects like the airplanes. After reading the director's words, the music video made more sense: "It's a story about unrequited love and how with age, we don't necessarily mature. As a child, all we want is love and attention and that story never grows old, it just takes a different form as we age. So it's not so much about 'all men are boys,' but just [that] all of us are forever young. Old habits never die."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Luck of the Irish

Through taking pictures recently, I've been capturing a generous amount of green, and suddenly noticed how fit it was for the time of year. St. Pattie's day is on the 17th of March- just a couple days, and with that, happy St. Patrick's day/ Leprechaun's day (whatever you like to call it)! Here's my collection of green-baseline photos with an appearing range of hues like asparagus, forest-green, and emerald (aka the color of the year).